Escape Games in Miami

Escape Games in Miami

Many of our guests ask me how did we come up with this awesome idea. As much as we would like to claim full credit for creating real life escape games, it is something that started in Europe and spread across the world. However, we proud ourselves in designing all the puzzles and coming up with unique ideas and stories for each escape game in the Miami South Beach location. Let me provide you with a little background!

The history of the real life escape game

Online escape games have been around quite some time.  The first and most popular one was Myst, a graphic adventure puzzle video game created in the early 90s. These games have been gaining popularity ever since. Today, you can choose to play an escape game using apps, online video games or in real life around the world and now here in Miami Beach.

In Europe, escape games are somewhat different. They are created and played in old buildings, basements, and dungeons to create an eerie atmosphere. The doors are actually locked and sometimes are even hidden.

In the United States escape games first appeared in the Miami area, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Our first location in Pompano Beach opened in 2014 with two rooms and is still hosting players every day.

When we started, we had to redesign the European concept since South Florida doesn’t have old buildings or basements. Instead of playing behind locked doors, your team is assigned to a mission that you can complete by solving puzzles and searching for hidden clues in our rooms. Once you completed the mission, you can simply walk out of the room. Of course, at that point you will probably be running or jumping up and down!


The present and future plans

Escape games in the Miami area are gaining fraction but the majority of residents and tourists still have not heard about them or played one. Fortunately, everybody who visits us leaves here with a huge smile, great memories and a unique experience. Our customers are our best promoters because they can’t stop talking about the games.

We have three escape games in the Miami South Beach location and we are planning to change the themes every year to allow for returning guests who already played all three rooms.