Contact us if you want to try Florida escape rooms

Contact us if you want to try Florida escape rooms

If you haven’t tried escape rooms games yet, please visit us in Florida! We have three special rooms for the visitors. You need a good team if you want to escape, so call your friends and family members. (We can allow max. 10 people in the rooms.)

First of all, you have to get into the Florida escape rooms and figure out all the hints.The solving of mysteries is not too difficult, so you are going to have a lot of fun. However, you must be really quick because you have only sixty minutes to escape from the room. You and your team members must find new solutions and make connections. The environment of the escape room games is safe, so you will definitely enjoy this game. It is full of surprises, therefore you will leave the chosen room with a smile. The solving of mysteries can be a real challenge for you, because you have to think outside the box and bring out the best of yourself under pressure.

The Florida escape rooms are suitable for you if you like a bit of adventure, because the tasks can be really tricky. However, the escape rooms games are addictive, and we are sure that you want to play a second (and third) round after finishing the tasks. You can also bring your kids, because we think that they really love having fun! We are sure that they will come up with brilliant ideas. Sometimes, they finish the game earlier than the adults, because they think different.

On the other hand, we have to mention that kids under 12 need at least one adult to accompany them, because the tasks can be a little bit difficult. But if the children will work together, they will be able to find the right answers and escape from the room. In addition, they can learn here how to be an integral part of the whole and solve the problems in the fastest time possible. The escape rooms games can be a great team building activity for the children.

However, there are many companies who want to try the Florida escape rooms. We have an exlusive package for them: the members of the team have access to the three escape rooms and can watch the games from the outside. Moreover, it’s possible to use the rooftop lounge with ocean view. Drinks and foods will be served for the guests. It’s easy to see how well the team members perform if they have to achieve a goal. They must put their brain to a test, otherwise they can’t escape from the room. Hopefully, the team members will finish the tasks and break the record.

So, we think that the Florida escape room can be a good choice if someone wants to have a day of joy. We provide something very different, therefore the escape rooms games will be a lasting memory for you. Fortunately, it’s very easy to book a room on the Internet. (Keep in mind that you can get promotion if you have a coupon code.) We are open from Sunday to Thursday between 1PM and 11 PM, and from Friday to Saturday between 1PM and 1AM. Please don’t forget that you must book the entire room if you would like to be the only ones playing. It’s possible to cancel your booking, but no refund will be given.