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Why should kids play escape games?

In a previous post we talked about the reasons why a room escape game is addictive, in another about the fact that such a game is great for family time, but we never tackled the subject of such games for kids. Well, now it’s time to change all that.

As you know, kids love to discover and take apart things, to figure out how they work, so that’s why playing a room escape game is a great way for them to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Most parents know that if a child has energy they might just get tired before the child does and thus risk to get mad, annoyed, etc. A room escape game is great to unleash and consume a child’s energy, give him new things to do and also help him learn.

Since I’ve opened the learning subject, you might as well acknowledge the fact that it’s a great way for kids to learn, not just discover things. They’ll learn how to make connections, how to solve puzzles, enigmas and how to think outside the box.

Team work, here’s another great reason for kids to play room escape games: they’ll learn how to work in a group, how to behave as a team and most important, how to share informations. As a team they need to share their findings and see how they are relevant in finding the right answer and finishing the quest from the room they need to escape from.


Communication, that’s a basic trait that all kids should develop and trough a room escape game, while being in a team, they will learn how to communicate, how to share what they discovered and thus, finish the quest, the task or the puzzle.

In a room escape game even parents will learn how to ask a question, but kids will be facing some puzzles where they need to ask questions from their teammates. Like this they will learn the importance of a well placed question and how the answer can help them solve a puzzle, a mystery or even an entire room from where they need to escape.

Asking for help is sometimes quite challenging not just for kids, but event for grownups. That’s why playing a room escape game with your kids it’s great way to teach them how to ask for help and that sometimes asking for help might just be the key in getting ahead.

Of course there are many other reasons why kids should play room escape games and that’s why we are inviting you to discover them by yourselves. Drop by and play in one of our three rooms with your kids and you’ll be able to help them develop and grow.

So, if you think your kid should take advantage and maybe even get ahead trough a fun experience, use the “ratrod” code to get a discount and visit us anytime.…

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Room escape game, a real family friendly activity

School just started and for sure this weekend your kids will be exhausted, depleted, maybe even happy to stay indoors or spend time with the family. That’s great, but what can you do for two days that you didn’t do all summer long? You could drop by us and have a fun, family friendly activity: a real life room escape game.

As a family you’ll learn how to communicate better, how to assign and finish a certain task and how to keep things in perspective and in line. Of course it’s a fun thing to do, one of the best ways to spend time and you’ll be in a great location too.


Image source.

We can’t say that we have the best room escape games and just leave it like that, we want to prove it and that’s why we have a longer working schedule over the weekends, the best time to try a room escape game.

As many people know, kids love to discover things, to learn, to play games, thus we think we have the best combination of puzzles, mysteries and challenges that would prove the fact the the best room escape games are the ones played with your family.

Our games are playable from six (6) years old kids up to the 99+ years old kids (yes we think everybody is a kid when it comes to playing one of the best games: a room escape game). The environment is safe, controlled and pleasant, not just fun and entreating.

As a family you’ll discover new skills for every member, you’ll be surprised of the ideas, tips, tricks and skills each member of your household possess. You’ll be able to see how a room escape game can bring out the best there is in every member and you’ll see how great and thrilling is to finish one of our best room escape games.

They say a group is as strong as their weakest member, in this game there’s no weak member, all members are equal, they all have the same chances of figuring out a clue, of unlocking a lock, of finishing a puzzle or on finishing the task from the room.

As you might know we have three different themes, each with it’s own background story. I won’t be making any suggestions because i believe that all of them are the best room escape games in their own way, but i’ll tell you the one I like the most: Diamond Heist. It’s fun, full of surprises and challenges not just hints and bits of information. For this room you’ll need also some skills.

So, to make sure you’ll have fun, we are also offering a few perks: a drink that you can enjoy on our terrace, some souvenir locks to remind you of the experience and a family discount of 10% if you use the following code: “ratrod”.

We are waiting for you and your family to come and test our family friendly room escape games and …

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7 signs you are a room escape addict


We all love games, we play all sorts of games and we enjoy winning, but there are some games that show us that we can’t always win, and admit it, we all love to win. So, what’s to be done? Well … this means you might be an game addict, just like us, here at South Beach room escape.

There are different kinds of addictions to games and in my opinion the one that involves escape rooms is one of the best addictions. Let me explain why.


For starters you love puzzles, I think that if you were in my shoes you’d find out the fun and satisfaction you get when you see a puzzle solved, when it’s all nice as a whole, or in pieces (depends on the puzzle type you love).

You enjoy mysteries, all those Agatha Christie books sitting in your bookcase are not for showoff, they were read, re-read and kept safe for you to recommend them to your friends. It’s what we would do at South Beach room escape if we would have a bookcase. And why not, we might even take you up on this and get a few Agatha Christie books in here.

Should I mention the movies you enjoy? All those mysteries, twists and turns of situation, those surprises and yes, the moment when you realise you were right and the first hunch was the right one.

You love discoveries? So do I and I’m a puzzle and escape room addict. So, do we have this in common also? I guess so. The thrill of discovering a new information, a new hint, a new solution to an existing problem, puzzle or lock is so thrilling and satisfying that you want to experience it every day. Oh, I’m right again? Cool, I love it when I’m right.

You love being right, you love to prove that your intuition, your gut are almost all the time right. Yes, this is also a sign that here at South Beach room escape you’ll fit in and could drive your team and friends to a awesome win.

Are you into surprises? Not really? I know, you already have an idea on what’s about to happen no matter how well the other person tries to hide it, to keep it a secret. You already know when a “secret” birthday party is coming, you already can imagine the people that were invited and yes, you kinda’ know what you’re gonna get. Here’s another sign that you love puzzles and room escape games.

You like to spend time with your friends? You’re one of the most active from the group? You like to organise, to prepare and plan all when it comes to a trip, outing or any other type of activities? Yes, you might just be great for a room escape game and could get addicted to them. I’m saying this because there are so many great leaders that excel at these games for one main reason: they …

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The Escape Game Miami Movie Promotions

If you search for the term “the escape game Miami” you will see a number of escape game businesses on your Google list but only one of them is on Miami Beach! You guessed right, it’s South Beach Room Escape!

We are a popular venue not just for birthday parties and team building activities, but also for special events such as movie promotions. We have partnered with companies in the area who promotes a variety of shows and movies before they get to the theaters.…

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Escape Game Room Communication and Team Work

Are you interested how effectively does your team communicate and work together as a team under pressure? Test them with an escape game room!

More and more companies use an escape game room for their company outing but only a few managers really pay attention on how well their employees perform. These games are very entertaining and nothing is wrong with using them only to have fun with your colleagues but if you would want to look further into them, you may realize that you can learn a lot playing an escape game room. You will see people with great attention to detail, emerging leaders, great communicators, creativity, logical and out of the box thinking.…

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Escape Game Miami

South Beach Room Escape has recently partnered with Miami Dade County’s summer camps for under privileged kids to introduce them to the escape game Miami phenomenon.

Our escape game Miami hosted five groups of about thirty kids and their recreation leaders. It was a great opportunity for us to reach out and give back to the community.…

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A Real Life Escape Game Kids vs adults

As a real life escape game manager I am often asked the question: should I bring my kids? The answer is absolutely yes!

If I would have to put my money on who can escape our rooms faster, a group of adults or a group of kids, I would choose the kids every time. How can this be? Kids take everything at face value in our escape game while adults tend to over think and over analyze every puzzle. …

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Live Escape Game Miami Reviews

In my previous blog post I suggested to look for live escape game Miami social media presence before choosing an escape game to play in the area. In this blog post I will talk about reviews about escape game businesses.


Being part of the hospitality industry means that great reviews are at upmost importance when you run any live escape game Miami.  Here at South Beach Room Escape we encourage all our guests to go to TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Reviews, or Facebook and tell everyone about their escape game experience. This means that when you search for live escape game Miami in Google, you will not only be presented with the various businesses providing escape games in Miami but also see a highlight of reviews from websites such as TripAdvisor.…

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Real Room Escape Game Social Media Presence

How to choose a real room escape game? Check out their social media pages! Any company who runs a real room escape game should have the a few of the following social media presence:

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram page
  • Twitter account
  • Snapchat account


Any real room escape game should be on a variety of social media platforms. Facebook is the very obvious first choice to cover, however, at least here in Miami Instagram and Snapchat seem to take over.…

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Real life room escape game with many challenges

Do you want to try a game where you have to escape from special rooms by solving puzzles?

If you answered “Yes” to the question, select a date for a real life room escape game now. You will have 60 minutes to complete your mission and save your group, so you have to be quick. You and your team members must solve puzzles, answer questions, find and manipulate different objects throughout the game. A real life room escape game is not easy, so you have to use all your skills to get out of the rooms. We have an average 20% success rate. A real life room escape is really entertaining and we guarantee that it will be a lasting memory. There will not be anything scary or claustrophobic, the doors are always unlocked and your host will be in constant communication with your group using a walkie-talkie.…

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