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What happens if you lose at escape the rooms games?

You think you will not be able to escape under the 60-minute time limit? It doesn’t matter; you will still have a lot of fun!

If you are planning your first trip to escape the rooms games, I would recommend calling before your visit to ask the staff about the level of difficulty of each escape room and choosing one on an easier level even if you are very competitive. You want to start with a game that will warm you up to your new addiction! The best escape the room games have an assigned leaderboard next to the door showing you the success rate and the record setting times for each group size allowed to play the game. This way, you have something to compare your performance to. Don’t get discouraged though, if you cannot set a new record. It only happens on rare occasions, especially for well-established escape the rooms games. A success rate is a percentage indicating the rate of groups successfully escaping the room under the allotted time limit. For example in a twenty percent success rate game, only one fifth of the groups who try the game can escape.…

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