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7 signs you are a room escape addict


We all love games, we play all sorts of games and we enjoy winning, but there are some games that show us that we can’t always win, and admit it, we all love to win. So, what’s to be done? Well … this means you might be an game addict, just like us, here at South Beach room escape.

There are different kinds of addictions to games and in my opinion the one that involves escape rooms is one of the best addictions. Let me explain why.


For starters you love puzzles, I think that if you were in my shoes you’d find out the fun and satisfaction you get when you see a puzzle solved, when it’s all nice as a whole, or in pieces (depends on the puzzle type you love).

You enjoy mysteries, all those Agatha Christie books sitting in your bookcase are not for showoff, they were read, re-read and kept safe for you to recommend them to your friends. It’s what we would do at South Beach room escape if we would have a bookcase. And why not, we might even take you up on this and get a few Agatha Christie books in here.

Should I mention the movies you enjoy? All those mysteries, twists and turns of situation, those surprises and yes, the moment when you realise you were right and the first hunch was the right one.

You love discoveries? So do I and I’m a puzzle and escape room addict. So, do we have this in common also? I guess so. The thrill of discovering a new information, a new hint, a new solution to an existing problem, puzzle or lock is so thrilling and satisfying that you want to experience it every day. Oh, I’m right again? Cool, I love it when I’m right.

You love being right, you love to prove that your intuition, your gut are almost all the time right. Yes, this is also a sign that here at South Beach room escape you’ll fit in and could drive your team and friends to a awesome win.

Are you into surprises? Not really? I know, you already have an idea on what’s about to happen no matter how well the other person tries to hide it, to keep it a secret. You already know when a “secret” birthday party is coming, you already can imagine the people that were invited and yes, you kinda’ know what you’re gonna get. Here’s another sign that you love puzzles and room escape games.

You like to spend time with your friends? You’re one of the most active from the group? You like to organise, to prepare and plan all when it comes to a trip, outing or any other type of activities? Yes, you might just be great for a room escape game and could get addicted to them. I’m saying this because there are so many great leaders that excel at these games for one main reason: they …

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