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New room escape games are intended for groups

The room escape games are perfect for you, if you are looking for challenges. You can complete the tasks by solving the mysteries, so you have to use your skills! Please collect your friends if you want to try the new room escape games, because they are intended for groups. (We allow max. ten people in the room.) We guarantee that the game will be an amazing memory for you and your team members. You have to be quick if you want to complete the tasks, because you have sixty minutes.

The room escape games can be really tricky, therefore everyone must put his brain to a test. But the solving of the mysteries is not too difficult, so the new room escape games are recommended for all ages from six and up. (But children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult.) We hope that the tasks will make you excited and you also want to play a second round. Each room has a different theme, therefore you can try the Panic Room, the Diamond Heist and the Black Ops. Please read the description of these rooms and make a reservation if you want to try them.…

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South Beach Room Escape Games: improve your skills!

The room escape games are for you if you really like surprises and adventure. You will be trapped in a room, and you have to escape from it within 60 minutes. You and your team members have to solve puzzles, unlock locks and manipulate objects if you want to finish the tasks. This means that you will need some skills to be able to escape.

The room escape games are recommended for all age groups. Children (6+ years) are also welcome here, so the family can have a great time. Kids are really good at playing, so they always leave with a huge smile on their face. However, they have to improve their skills if they want to win. They must learn how to behave as a team and how to share informations. The children often find new solutions, because they can think outside the box. It’s easy to unleash the kids’ energy with the room escape games.…

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Top room escape games: have fun!

Don’t be afraid, because the room escape games are not frightening, so it’s a good idea to try them. The staff members are very helpful, therefore you will find the way out.

Your team has sixty minutes to find the answers and escape the room. There is no age limit to try the top room escape games, but kids under 12 need adult supervision. This means that the games are great for families who want to have fun. However, birthday parties and team buildings can be held here, too.…

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Do you like adventure? Then try the best room escape games!

We have news for you if you love adventure! There is a plenty to discover at the South Beach Room Escape, so take a look at the website. We’re sure that the room escape games will give you excitement. In this situation, you’re caught in a room and your task is to escape from it by solving puzzles and unlocking locks.

The best room games are perfect for kids, therefore bring your family members and drive them to a win! Your children will learn how to work in a group, so this game is perfect if you want to give them new things to do. You will need some skills to solve the mysteries, but the tasks are not too difficult. We hope that you will be able to escape the rooms in an hour. Our staff will help you, if you’re in trouble. However, the environment of the best room escape games is safe, so you don’t have to worry. We promise that the play will be a good memory for you, because everyone leaves with a smile. However, the room escape games are perfect for team building activities. We’re able to perform corporate events, so contact us if you’re interested! You have to form small groups and get through this experience together. In addition, you must learn how to share informations with each other.…

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Fun room escape games are good ways to spend time

We invite you to discover the South Beach Room Escape Games in Florida. They’re very amusing, so you are going to like them! In the fun room escape games, you have to finish certain tasks. You must find new solutions to the problems, so the games will be very challenging. But don’t worry, the environment of the room escape games is safe, so it’s perfect for children, too. You can unleash your kids’ energy here, therefore this place is great for family time.

In the room escape games, you can learn how to work in a group and how to discover the mysteries. The fun room escape games are a perfect combination of challanges and surprises (puzzles, locks, etc.), therefore you’ll enjoy the experience.…

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