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South Beach Room Escape

 South Beach Room Escape is a unique experience that provides a fun, challenging and entertaining encounter with one of our three mind bending puzzle rooms. Get all the thrill of being trapped in a room with your friends, coworkers or complete strangers as you embark on an hour-long challenge, unlike anything you have ever tried before. Escape games have been an increasing form of entertainment in Europe and have made it over the Atlantic and have spread all across the U.S. and even in your backyard to beautiful Miami. Miami South Beach has its own escape room right at the heart of it all on Lincoln Road.

You might very well ask: what are escape games?

Room Escape Games take mechanics from popular video games and put them, and you, in real world scenarios. Our puzzle rooms are filled with puzzles and challenges that will put your brain to a test. Your group is assigned to a mission that you can complete by solving mysteries, manipulating objects and searching for hidden clues in our rooms. You have 60 minutes to escape… Can you do it?…

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