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You think Pokemon Go it’s addictive? Try an escape from the room game!

There’s the Pokemon Go hype of the last month that took over the States and then the whole world, but there should also be another hype about the escape from the room game. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

Why an escape from the room game is so addictive

From the very first time you hear there are escape from the room games you might already have a hint about how these games work, but you’ll never be able to grasp the concept unless you get into one room and try to escape from it having a handful of hints and a limited time at your disposal.

Most people find it addictive because they are challenged in figuring out all the hints in the fastest time possible, this being driven by the competitive spirit we all have and which is lurking unsatisfied by a 9 to 5 job or by a routine performed day after day, week after week.

Pokemon in our lobby

Another reason, in my experience, is the fact that people want to discover new things; they want to feel the thrill of being the first to see, to try, to win and to brag about a certain thing. Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of adventure, a good thrill, the discovery of a way to escape from a room, even if it’s only a game.

There are a multitude of ideas, themes, etc. that can be implemented as a room from where to escape, but also there might be some ideas of room where you might need, or want, to break in (like our Diamond Heist room). This is a great reason to take it in consideration when you’re talking about the addiction of an escape from the room game. Imagine the fact that you’ll never find two rooms that look the same, that have the same hints, the same secrets, the same puzzles, etc. The variations possible are endless and thus, you’ll get hooked for sure.


Don’t think that an escape from the room game is simple. There are a few things that might make it harder then you’d expect: the time that is limited (60 minutes), the communication barrier, the (sometimes) too subtle hints and the collaboration barrier.

There are many situations where people need to work well together and this is one of the most important ones. Just like in a company, sports team, family, etc., in an escape from the room game, you need to be an integral part of the whole in order to help it evolve and get to make profit, win the game, have fun and grow.

You might think that all of these reasons are not as addictive as an online virtual game? Visit us, try out a room and once you’ll do that, we are sure you’ll agree to all our reasons.

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