Come Party with Us – 5 Ways to Throw a Fun, Easy Holiday Party

If you’ve been tasked with planning or hosting the holiday party this year, you don’t want to just lull your guests with the same old thing. It’s time to try something new. Your friends and co-workers are eager to enjoy the holiday season, so don’t make the traditional holiday party a chore. Give them a taste of adventure and camaraderie by hosting a holiday lock-in with South Beach Room Escape.

Save yourself the hassle and spare your house from the wear and tear of hosting a party by taking the party away from home. A venue like South Beach Room Escape offers you everything you need in one fun and exciting place. Our rooftop lounge overlooks downtown Miami and we’re serving up a festive blend of enticing cocktails and local craft beers in our Beers and Chips bar. The main event of your party is an exciting hour of puzzlement and laughter in one of our three themed escape rooms. Here’s the icing on the cookie: we do all of the hard work for you.

Wherever you decide to host your party, we know it can be challenging to plan a big event. The holiday season can be stressful enough without adding the duties of party planning. Whether you celebrate with us or not, here are some tips on how to host the perfect holiday party:

  1. Plan the food in advance. Whether you’re having the party catered or preparing the food yourself, make sure you plan the meal ahead of time. Keep the people you are serving and the theme of the party in mind. Serve food options that you are confident in making, or use a caterer you know. This isn’t the time to experiment with fancy foods or take-out from a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Stick to what you know and have experience with. You’re welcome to bring outside food to your South Beach Room Escape party. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need suggestions.
  2. Stick with a theme. This doesn’t mean your theme has to be way out there. It just means that you need to decide if your party will be casual, quirky, or formal and stick to it. Make sure your food and drink options, as well as the entertainment, align with this theme. If you’re hosting a room escape adventure, we’ve got themes built in. You may want to take one of these and run with it. For example, if you book the Diamond Heist room, you may want to have your guests dress in their sleekest business-wear to carry off the vibe of being international men and women of mystery and professional intrigue. Or, you may just make it an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. Unless it’s a contest and you want us to.
  3. Send the invites early. Make sure that you notify your guests of the time, date, and location of the party in advance. That way, if they have questions, they won’t be calling you on the night of to sort things out. Make sure you include directions to the location and follow up the invite with a friendly reminder. Encourage party-goers to contact you before the event if they do have questions. If you’re celebrating with South Beach Room Escape, be sure to include a link to our website and contact page. We’re happy to take phone calls so you don’t have to.
  4. Stay calm. When planning a holiday party, it’s important not to overtax yourself. Plan only what you can handle and share responsibility where you need to. Ask for help. Sometimes ideas can be great in theory, but not so easily executed. If you really don’t know if you can pull off a black-tie dinner service in a banquet hall, don’t. Your guests will feel your stress. Opt for something more casual instead. As long as you’re all relaxed and having fun, the party will be a success.
  5. Be prepared to lead. Part of hosting is pulling everyone together on the night of the event. Be prepared to lead the conversation to new topics if you need to. If you notice individuals or groups isolating themselves, draw them into the larger conversation or change direction. Encourage everyone to feel comfortable my having food and drinks on hand to loosen things up. Be sure you provide some sort of entertainment to stimulate conversation and make your party more than just an event. Make it an experience.

Our escape room adventures are perfect for bringing people together. Sure, you may work with these people every day, but this type of collaboration will let you see a new side of the people on your team. Get to know them in whole new way. The holidays are a time for coming together, relaxing, and appreciating one another. We’re confident that you won’t find a better place to do that than South Beach Room Escape.

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