Escape the Heat

Temperatures are rising and summer vacation is just around the bend. With our exciting nightlife, stunning coastlines, and ample sunshine, Miami is the place to be. We’re pretty lucky any time of year, here at South Beach Room Escape, to be located right at the heart of bustling downtown Miami, but summer is one of the best. The thought of summer vacation makes me a bit nostalgic for childhood. It brings to mind family vacations and days on end spent seeking out one adventure after another, without a care in the world. It also reminds me of our sweltering heat.

As things heat up, here are a few ways to stay cool in Miami:

  1. Visit one of our many local ice cream shops for a dose of creamy goodness in a variety of original flavors.
  2. Head to a museum and ponder history or art in a cool, posh setting.
  3. Grab a good book and find a reading nook in a library or local bookstore.
  4. Take a trip to the mall and shop or browse to your heart’s content in cool comfort.
  5. Catch a flick at your local movie theater. Summer is a great time for blockbuster releases.
  6. Take a dip in a public pool and enjoy the luxury and feel of a private oasis away from home.
  7. Withering away with heat exhaustion? Head inside for some recreation. Bowling alleys, indoor trampoline venues, or other family fun stops can put the energy back in your day.
  8. Make a great escape. Our rooms at South Beach Room Escape are air conditioned. You may be frantically trying to solve a puzzle in our Panic Room, but you won’t break a sweat doing it.

So, as summer draws near, I hope to welcome vacationing families and friends to South Beach Room Escape to cool off while still connecting. I hope to provide refuge to all of those kids out there seeking adventure. And I hope we can all relive a little bit of the magic of those summer days of our childhoods in new and exciting ways.

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