New Ideas for Company Outings: Live Escape Games

Are you looking for something unique and fun to do with your co-workers this year? Blow their minds by taking them to play a live escape game!

Participating in team building activities can be a welcomed distraction for the everyday routine but not everyone gets excited about them. Let’s change that!

Live escape games are getting increasingly popular when companies are looking for team building options.


Playing our live escape games will test your groups’ skills on cooperation, communication, leadership, and out of the box thinking. We can create a friendly competition by dividing your team into groups to see who can work together the best therefore escape the fastest.

South Beach Room Escape offers a variety of packages for corporate events. We have a huge venue with three different live escape games that we can run simultaneously. We can accommodate up to 30 players in one wave. Of course, if your team is larger than that, your team could play in two rounds.


The games are monitored from a control room via live feed. Any higher management personnel have a choice between participating in the games with those who he/she manages and be part of the action or watch how the live escape game unfolds from the outside.


To make a day out of these events, we partnered with different catering companies who can deliver a variety of menu options in all price ranges. Your co-workers or employees could enjoy discussing the experience over some delicious lunch or dinner. Presentations can also be accommodated with all technical requirements present in our lobby space.

We host company events both during our regular business hours and starting in the morning. Dates and times are flexible but based on availability.  Many of our guests play not just one but a second game as well extending the time spent in the heart of Miami South Beach and out of the office.

If you are interested in hosting your next company outing with us, please send inquiries to: We would be happy to host you!

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