Room escape game, a real family friendly activity

School just started and for sure this weekend your kids will be exhausted, depleted, maybe even happy to stay indoors or spend time with the family. That’s great, but what can you do for two days that you didn’t do all summer long? You could drop by us and have a fun, family friendly activity: a real life room escape game.

As a family you’ll learn how to communicate better, how to assign and finish a certain task and how to keep things in perspective and in line. Of course it’s a fun thing to do, one of the best ways to spend time and you’ll be in a great location too.


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We can’t say that we have the best room escape games and just leave it like that, we want to prove it and that’s why we have a longer working schedule over the weekends, the best time to try a room escape game.

As many people know, kids love to discover things, to learn, to play games, thus we think we have the best combination of puzzles, mysteries and challenges that would prove the fact the the best room escape games are the ones played with your family.

Our games are playable from six (6) years old kids up to the 99+ years old kids (yes we think everybody is a kid when it comes to playing one of the best games: a room escape game). The environment is safe, controlled and pleasant, not just fun and entreating.

As a family you’ll discover new skills for every member, you’ll be surprised of the ideas, tips, tricks and skills each member of your household possess. You’ll be able to see how a room escape game can bring out the best there is in every member and you’ll see how great and thrilling is to finish one of our best room escape games.

They say a group is as strong as their weakest member, in this game there’s no weak member, all members are equal, they all have the same chances of figuring out a clue, of unlocking a lock, of finishing a puzzle or on finishing the task from the room.

As you might know we have three different themes, each with it’s own background story. I won’t be making any suggestions because i believe that all of them are the best room escape games in their own way, but i’ll tell you the one I like the most: Diamond Heist. It’s fun, full of surprises and challenges not just hints and bits of information. For this room you’ll need also some skills.

So, to make sure you’ll have fun, we are also offering a few perks: a drink that you can enjoy on our terrace, some souvenir locks to remind you of the experience and a family discount of 10% if you use the following code: “ratrod”.

We are waiting for you and your family to come and test our family friendly room escape games and discover the hidden skills of your family members.


PS: We think it’s a great idea for a family to spend time outside the house, indoors and have a fun activity all within one place. Why? Because time spent with your family is worth every second.

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