Need An Affordable Spring Break?

Aside from it’s reputation as a time for carefree partying, spring break is also a time of increased airfare and expensive travel. The good news is, there are still plenty of ways to kick back, relax, and party close to home. College students and families on a budget will find that spring break is a perfect time to get out and enjoy all that South Beach has to offer without breaking the bank. After all, Miami is the #1 spring break destination in Florida. Get out and see what all the fuss is about!

Whether Miami is your destination or your home, spring break 2018 is guaranteed to be fun and entertaining when you dive into these exciting adventures around Miami. While you’re at it, make South Beach Room Escape your destination and enjoy an awesomely good time and refreshing savings. Make our ocean-view rooftop lounge your very own party central or chill out with ice-cold local drafts in our Beers & Chips bar. When you book your spring break room escape, enter the promo code springbreak10 for 10% off! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.


Soak up the local culture.

If something on the serious side is your speed, Miami has a wealth of art galleries and museums offering a place to shelter from the heat and appreciate the finest that Miami has to offer. But if you’re looking for some sunshine and a leisurely way to pass the afternoon, take a walking tour of any of Miami’s historic or vibrant neighborhoods and see what makes us so unique, from South Beach’s colorful art deco architecture to historic Lummus Park, which will be packed with reveling tourists this time of year.

Bask on our beautiful beaches.

Miami is renowned for its white-sand beaches and turquoise waves. Our wider beach area in South Beach means more room for you to steer clear of the crowds. Bring your towels and chairs and get set to enjoy all the energy that South Beach has to offer.

Add some flavor to your life.

This time of year, you can practically taste the fresh seafood and Latin-American spices on the air. Miami offers everything from casual local fare to international cuisine. Your best bet on a budget may be to cruise into any of our local pubs for fresh fixin’s and a cold
pint or stop by any beachside restaurant patio for fish tacos and a glass of wine.

Get physical.

From water sports, to golf, to bike rides in the park or on the beach, we’ve got it all. There’s no better time of year than spring break to start enjoying some fun in the sun. Indoors and out, South Beach offers tons of reasonably priced options for families and groups to get active and enjoy recreational bonding.

Live up the nightlife.

During spring break, Miami keeps the parties going all day – and night – long. The good news is, there are plenty of hot spots to choose from. You can easily shift from a casual beach party by day to a swanky lounge by night. To save a few bucks and ensure that you can soak up the nightlife ambiance in style, you may want to cut down on your expenses by packing your own meals during the day.

Of course, we would argue that you could get almost all of this at South Beach Room Escape. From a dose of adventure and entertainment in one of our three escape rooms, to a relaxed party vibe in our bar and lounge, we’ve got you covered for spring break. We’re family-friendly and budget-friendly, but we’re also a heck of a lot of fun! Come party with us!

Remember to enter promo code springreak10 for 10% off your spring break escape!

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