Escape the Old, Step into Our New Bar!

(And Discover 7 Reasons to Bring Your Friends)

There’s more reason than ever to return to South Beach Room Escape. More laughs. More Chills. More Fun. More Drinks. Need we say More?

We probably don’t need to, but we’ll say it anyway. We’ve got a whole new adventure in store for you! Bring your guy or gal pals for an evening out in South Beach and get lost in South Beach Room Escape. Our newly remodeled bar and lounge awaits, with all-new drink specials. With vibrant colors and quirky touches, the vibe in the lounge is hip and fun. Or, head up to our swanky rooftop lounge to unwind. With views of downtown South Beach, it’s the perfect spot to host a party or enjoy drinks with friends on a warm fall night. Whatever diversions you’re in the mood for, there’s a good chance we’re serving them up at South Beach Room Escape.

Did we mention the special promotion we’re offering if you book? Read on to find out more!


Beer, wine, cocktails…we’re serving it all at Beers and Chips!

Line up your friends for sake bombs or chill in the rooftop lounge with an ice-cold bucket of beers or our latest local craft beer selection on tap. Entertainment is our business, so you know every party or night out with South Beach Room Escape will be one to remember.

If you still need an excuse to pick up the phone and book your party at South Beach Room Escape, here are some key reasons why hanging out with your best buds is a good idea:

  1. Socializing is good for your health. We all know that a friendly smile can lift a sour mood, but it’s also scientifically proven that time with friends can boost your immune system, stave off depression, and keep you feeling younger.
  2. We all need a good laugh once in a while. You know the kind: the deep, whole-body laugh that fills you with the euphoric feeling that life is full of joyful hilarity. Most of the time, we find ourselves saying afterward, “I haven’t laughed like that in a long time!” There’s nothing like a night out with friends to stir up some mirth.
  3. You could learn something new. Whatever the course of the conversation, we almost always walk away from social events with a little tidbit of information we didn’t have before. Sometimes, it’s just the knowledge of having accomplished something that fills us with a renewed sense of our personal awesomeness.
  4. Stress is not your friend. So, why hang out with it? Socializing can do wonders for banishing stress and revitalizing your can-do attitude. Enjoy a night out. You deserve it!
  5. Obscure holidays are silly and fun to celebrate. For example, did you know that October is National Sarcasm month? Among many other bizarre things to celebrate this month, let’s spit-shine our sarcasm and let the good times roll.
  6. Connections are important. Keeping in touch with your third cousin twice removed is fine for social media, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Take a break from virtuality and step into reality with the people who really matter. You never know who you might meet or be introduced to!
  7. Experiences are meant to be shared. Bonding is important, and one of the main ways we grow in relationships is by sharing experiences. Good, bad, or indifferent, a shared experience can give us fodder for conversation and feelings of connectedness for years to come.

Choose us for your next party and you might just earn 10% off your game and a free craft beer at our new bar, Beers and Chips!

We know South Beach is a great place to be young and free. But the same old bars and nightclubs can get old. Be among the first 100 return customers to book your room escape adventure with South Beach Room Escape in October and get 10% off your game and enjoy a local craft beer on us! With three room escape adventures and our lively Beers and Chips bar, we’re the perfect escape for your next bachelor party, girls’ night out, or special event.

Be sure to mention you’re a returning customer and enter the promo code REWARDS when booking. Come in and unlock our latest promotion!

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