5 Ways to Maximize Team-Building with South Beach Room Escape

We all know the value of team-building. Having a strong team mentality can boost morale, improve productivity, and raise your bottom line. What isn’t always as obvious is how to host a solid team-building event. As the hosts of your next corporate event, we can help you make the most of your visit to South Beach Room Escapes, but there’s also a lot you can do to make sure your time with us is a success.

And if you haven’t been to South Beach Room Escape lately, we’ve got more reasons than ever for you to make us the location of your next corporate or team-building event. With a newly redesigned lounge and bar, Beers and Chips, we’re a perfect contemporary, comfortable location for any gathering. Here are a few ways to maximize your team-building mojo.

Did we mention the special promotion we’re offering if you book in October? Read on to find out more!

  1. Celebrate Failures and Success.
    Modern corporate leaders know that growth is as much about our failures as our successes. When we accept failures, and find ways to understand them and use them as a learning experiences, we expand our capacity for success. You’ll be able to see this concept in action in the escape room, where your entire team must work together through trial and error to solve complex puzzles. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate your team with our party options.
  2. Accept Differences.
    Team-building is about understanding that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s also about accepting diversity and encouraging one another to rise to our own personal best. Sometimes a simple, positive acknowledgement of what makes a person unique can give them the confidence to rise to a challenge. We try to be as accommodating as possible to our guests. If you’d like a bilingual experience, please let us know. We are English and Spanish proficient.
  3. Let Loose.
    Okay, let’s take a break from the seriousness for a moment. Sure, hard work pays off, but there’s nothing wrong with treating your team to some much-deserved relaxation. Once the mood shifts from work to play, chances are you’ll all learn a lot from free-flowing conversation. Unwind in our newly-remodeled lounge and we’ll whip up the cocktails or wine!
  4. Encourage Collaboration.
    You know the feeling of accomplishing something great. Sometimes, the reward is even greater when we can share it with a team. Looking back and recognizing that you all had a hand in reaching a solution is the goal of every team-building event. Choosing an event that offers many different challenges suited to various types of thinking and skill-levels is essential to giving each participant a feeling of accomplishment.
  5. Promote Individuals.
    It’s great to get your team together for some bonding, but an intimate gathering is also a great time to point out individual accomplishments. After you’ve puzzled your way through one of our three escape rooms, take time to acknowledge the contributions of each individual.

Speaking of promotion… to book a team-building room escape adventure with South Beach Room Escape in the month of October will enjoy our All-You-Can-Beers-and-Chips Special in our new Beers and Chips bar! For $10 per person, we’ll serve unlimited beer from our selection of cans, bottles, and local craft brews to your party (but please, drink responsibly). That’s more than 50% off our normal all-you-can-drink price. Don’t forget to select “Team-Building” on your application for this promotion to apply!

As the hosts of your next party, we’re looking forward to having you step into an all-new environment and all-new experience. It’s time to unlock the fun! Don’t panic in our asylum-themed Panic Room and you just might leave with your sanity. Try your hand at a heist in our Diamond Heist adventure. Feeling a little more secretive? Join the CIA in Black Ops. All three of our rooms are fully themed so you get a rich, varied experience every time.

We host team-building events for hospitality workers, management teams, HR groups, corporate leaders, service industry employees, and non-profit groups. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish, together.

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