The escape from the room game puts your brain to a test

Would you like to complete a mission with your team? If you answered ‘yes’, then try out the room escape games! It will be a lasting memory, because the escape from the room can be really entertaining!

We have three rooms with different background stories at the South Beach Room Escape, so we’re sure that you will find the best one. However, you have to be really quick if you want to escape from the room game, because the time is limited. (You have only sixty minutes!) Your team has to come up with good ideas if you would like to solve the mysteries of the room. You have to work under pressure, but we’re sure that you will be able to drive your team to a win!

You can also bring your kids if you want to have a great family time. However, the escape from the room game is not always easy, so children under 12 need adult supervision. The kids are very good at playing escape games, and many of them are begging to play a next round. The South Beach Room Escape is also ready to welcome field trips, because the children enjoy the games very much. The solving of mysteries will consume the kid’s energy and will teach them new things. The game is playable from six years old children.  On the other hand, the escape from the room can be perfect for company events if you’re looking for team building activities. You will be able to see how well your colleagues perform. They need to work together if they want to escape the room in the fastest time possible. You will challenge them to think outside the box, so your employees are going to have a lot of fun.

The environment of the escape games is controlled, so the staff members can help the team if they can’t figure out all the hints. After the escape from the room game, the participants can enjoy drinks on the sunny terrace. We are sure that they will have a lot to talk about! We hope that they’ll discover new skills by finishing the tasks. The team members will learn how to find brand new solutions and work well together, because the escape from the room can be very challenging.

So, if you want to try the rooms (Diamond Heist, Black Ops or Panic Room), visit the website and pick a date and time. It’s possible to reschedule or cancel the reservation, but unfortunately no refunds can be given to you. We hope that you will be able to come to us, because the rooms are full of surprises! Maybe, if your team members communicate very effectively, you will be able to break the record! Of course, you can come back later and try the other rooms, too. Please keep in mind that we can allow max. ten players to the special rooms. However, it’s possible to play in total darkness in Halloween time, so we encourage you to visit us if you want to escape from the room game. In addition, we offer you Halloween special in two of our rooms (Black Ops and Panic Room.) After finishing the room escape game, please tell everyone about your amazing experience! We hope that there will be more and more teams who visit us and have an insanely good time!

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