Thrilling escape the room games for Halloween

You love Halloween, right? If you do, then make something really special on this day. Play escape the room games, because they are really thrilling and exciting!

We offer you Halloween special rooms from October 3rd to November 6th. We have two rooms in Halloween theme and one normal room with a background history. In the first one, you must escape from a mental ward, because a scientist wants to perform a horrible surgery on you. On the other hand, there is a room called Diamond Heist, where you have to steal a jewel as a member of an elite team. In the third room, you must find a deadly vial in an abandoned research facility from the age of WWII.

The escape the room games are not too difficult, so you will be able to drive your team to win. Don’t worry, because the environment is safe, and the best escape the room games are suitable for families, too. Here you can learn how to solve puzzles, unlock locks and find the right answers to the mysteries. We think it’s one of the best ways to spend time, so come and visit us, if you want to discover new things.

The best escape room games for Halloween are very advantageous for you, because you can discover your own skills. You have to be able to share information with your teammates, if you want to finish the game in 60 minutes. The best escape room games will bring the best out of you, so book an appointment if you would like to figure out a clue and have a lot of fun. First of all, you have to choose from the three different themes, and then you should book the entire room on the Internet. (You can get a promotion, if you have a code!)Please pick a date and time in the business hours. Hopefully, you’ll get the room you want to escape from. We’re sure that you’ll like the escape the room games, if you’re into surprises and if you want to get through an amazing experience.

Please invite your friends, too, because you’ll need a smart team to find new solutions to the problems. You can also develop your communication skills here. The best escape the room games are suitable for kids, so you can bring your children and have a great family time. (But children under 12 need adult supervision.) This place is perfect to consume the kids’ energy and it’s sure that your children will like this game. You will be able to give them new things to do, and they’ll also learn how to think as a group. The rooms are full of surprises, so the kids will be very excited, but they’ll learn how to behave as a team at the same time. If they cannot figure out a clue, our staff members will help them, because the players are monitored through a camera.

However, the best escape the room games are available for corporate events and birthday parties, too. The colleagues can enjoy a drink on the terrace after the escape. We think that they’ll have a lot to talk about! The escape the room games are addictive, so they might come back to try the other rooms, too. We think that they will be able to set a new record, if they bring out the best in themselves!

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