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Come and enjoy a unique and fun experience at South Beach Room Escape. Choose from our Diamond Heist, Panic Room, and Black Ops game experiences. Or ask us about booking our rooftop bar and patio for a special event.

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Diamond Heist

You are a member of an elite team of criminals who are contracted to steal the world’s largest diamond. You’ve narrowed your search down to a single room that houses the precious jewel. On your way to secure the target, you bribe the guard who disables the alarm system for one hour. But he also locks you in the room with the diamond. Only time will tell if you have what it takes to bust out the diamond and make your break before the alarm goes off. Will you plunder the diamond or blunder the heist?


Panic Room

In this escape room challenge, a letter arrives and it’s got your name on it. Your aunt is requesting a visit. The only problem? She’s in a mental ward and the place gives you the creeps. You arrive and have the feeling that aunty isn’t the only thing a little whacky about this place. Suddenly, you find yourself trapped in an operating room and the only one who knows the way out is a crazy scientist who thinks you’re his next patient. Your procedure begins in sixty minutes. Can you outsmart the mad doctor?


Black Ops

It’s your job to save the world before a deadly biological weapon gets in the wrong hands. Recent CIA reports say that locals discovered an abandoned post-WWII research facility in the outskirts of their distant, war-torn city. Your superiors suspect that the facility was run by communists in the 1940s with one goal: harnessing the compounds necessary to unleash biological warfare. You’ve just discovered that they succeeded. Somewhere in the abandoned facility is a vial that contains the essential component of their formula. Find it and save the human race or fail and say goodbye to freedom. The clock is ticking…


Host a special event or just enjoy a drink from our rooftop patio!

We are the only venue on Miami Beach offering three challenging escape rooms and a large rooftop patio. Lounge around on the comfortable sofas and sip drinks while enjoying the beautiful South Beach weather. Or book your next birthday party, corporate event, or other special event in advance.

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