You are a member of an elite team of security experts contracted to recover the world’s largest diamond, which was recently stolen from the Museum of South Beach. You’ve narrowed your search to a single room that houses the precious jewel. You’ve gained access to the facility where the diamond is being held and your mission is simple: retrieve the diamond from the vault within 60 minutes, or it may be lost forever!


You have just received a letter from your uncle requesting a visit at his retirement home in South Beach. Upon your visit, you’re beginning to feel it’s a bit unusual. Suddenly, a nurse locks you in your uncle’s room where you find him chained to his bed. His procedure begins in 60 minutes. Can you outsmart the mad doctor and free your uncle before it’s too late?


It’s your job to save the world before a deadly chemical weapon gets in the wrong hands. MI-6 operatives recently learned of an abandoned post-war research facility on the outskirts of a distant, war-torn city. Your superiors suspect that the facility was created for one purpose: to harness the compounds necessary to unleash biological warfare on the world. Somewhere in the abandoned facility is a vial that contains the essential component of the formula. Find the vial before time runs out.

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